Cool After School Only at Oak Grove!

Join the Cool Kids Club! Here’s what we do after school:

Always something great! Such as:
Chili cheese nachos, hot dogs, turkey sandwiches, big soft pretzels with cheese sauce, pizza, PBJ sandwiches...fresh fruits & 100% milk and chocolate milk!

Homework Room:
Let’s try to get it done WAY before you go home!

Girls Special Activities:
Fashion – Hair, nails, photography & scrapbooking, cooking project day, arts & crafts, cards & board games, jump rope, Chinese jump rope

Boys Special Activities:
Basketball, baseball, soccer, football, kickball, etc.
Video & computer games, cards & board games

We're open 6:00am 'til 7:00pm!

We provide before & after school services to:

Oak Grove Kids Hwy 20 Location
  • Dyer Elementary
  • Freemans Mill Elementary
  • Rock Springs Elementary
  • Taylor Elementary
  • Walnut Grove Elementary

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Summer & School Breaks

Christmas & New Year's Break

Jr. High Leadership Program

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Here's What's Happening this
Month at Oak Grove Kids...

Oak Grove Kids Hwy 20 Location

Oak Grove Kids Towler Rd. Location

Community Service

Each month, our Oak Grove Cool after-Schoolers will engage in projects to help your community. (cards/notes for sick/elderly, collecting supplies for needy, food drives, etc.) The kids will vote on the project we will do. Information will be available in the office.